Tribal Wars Stats: World 8: Tribe

Tribalwars Tribe Profile: Original Dogs of War

tribe Graph

Name:Original Dogs of War
Created:2011-02-22 12:18:34
Members:43OD rankings
Average points per village:9,621
Tribe Changes:329
Conquers:6060 (+5625-435)
Best Rank:111th November 2011
Most Points:51,510,64921st February 2012
Most Villages:5,35410th February 2012
OD Rank:2. (513,807,536 score)
OD Attack Rank:2. (243,161,360 score)
OD Defense Rank:2. (270,646,176 score)
Profile:In-game profile
Profile views:10,769

2020-05-28 20:23:13 BST