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Tribalwars Tribe Profile: Gang of Drunks

tribe Graph

Name:Gang of Drunks
Created:2015-10-02 22:12:45
Members:6OD rankings
Average points per village:5,356
Tribe Changes:226
Conquers:3949 (+3017-932)
Best Rank:214th January 2016
Most Points:21,143,50125th May 2016
Most Villages:2,82120th May 2016
OD Rank:3. (26,755,454 score)
OD Attack Rank:3. (3,889,100 score)
OD Defense Rank:3. (22,866,354 score)
Profile:In-game profile
Profile views:3,575

2019-04-25 13:40:42 BST

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