Tribal Wars Stats: World 68: Tribe

Tribalwars Tribe Profile: Noobs of the South

tribe Graph

Name:Noobs of the South
Created:2023-06-13 19:04:12
Members:9OD rankings
Average points per village:6,629
Tribe Changes:55
Conquers:415 (+328-87)
Best Rank:322nd October 2023
Most Points:1,570,98009th November 2023
Most Villages:23709th November 2023
OD Rank:9. (12,337,066 score)
OD Attack Rank:5. (2,559,842 score)
OD Defense Rank:9. (7,955,553 score)
Profile:In-game profile
Profile views:489

2024-07-20 12:43:40 BST

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