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Tribalwars Tribe Profile: Knights of the Thistle

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Name:Knights of the Thistle
Created:2017-01-08 23:10:14
Members:29OD rankings
Average points per village:9,331
Tribe Changes:249
Conquers:5095 (+4374-721)
Best Rank:303rd March 2018
Most Points:26,744,78716th August 2018
Most Villages:3,21009th April 2018
OD Rank:3. (278,729,947 score)
OD Attack Rank:3. (83,754,621 score)
OD Defense Rank:3. (153,025,003 score)
Profile:In-game profile
Profile views:1,948

2018-08-16 15:05:52 BST

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